Nashe Tours Terms and contions for booking and cancellation of international,domestic and Kerala tour packages.

1.    A photo or scanned copy of the front and back pages of the passport must be submitted along with the advance payment for the selected program.

2.    Five days prior to the commencement of the Visa Processing (date will be indicated by Nashe Tours), original passport with at least 6 months validity, photo as per specification and all other necessary documents must be submitted by you without fail.

3.    You will have to submit the photo or scanned copies of passport and other documents if required by the Embassy.

4.    You have to make all the payments as per the schedule indicated by Nashe Tours.

5.    In case you make the payment by cheque, you should be aware that booking and payment will be considered as effective only once the payment has been credited to the account of Nashe Tours.

6.    You will be required to pay a non-refundable amount for each booking.

7.    You will not receive refunds for the occurrence of any circumstances that are beyond our control such as flight/train/cruise cancellation, flight/train/cruise schedule changes,  rejection of visa application by Embassy, delay in visa processing, bad weather & natural calamities at the tour destination, medical conditions, supplier policies, etc.

8.    You must give accurate personal information such as occupation, income, educational qualification, previous travel history, etc. In the application and able to give accurate information if any telephone enquiry from the concerned Embassy.

9.    Maintaining sufficient bank balance until the completion of the visa procedure is the sole responsibility of the traveller. You may be asked to submit additional documents and photographs by the embassy; you must be ready to produce these within a short notice.

10.    Travelling expenses for the visa procedure i.e., to the embassy or to VFS will be borne entirely by the traveller.

11.    Submitting all necessary documents such as passport with minimum 6 months validity, photo as per the requirement of the embassy, 6 months active bank statement with sufficient balance till the completion of the visa procedure, other documents to prove financial status, income tax return certificate, leave sanction, education qualification certificate and all other necessary documents is the sole responsibility of the traveller.

12.    Translation charges for documents for visa purposes shall be borne by the traveller.

13.    You are aware that granting of the visa is at the sole discretion of the consulate/embassy. Nashe Tours will not be responsible for visa rejection.

14.    All taxes are calculated as per the rates prevailing at the time of tour package announcement. Any changes thereafter in tax rates will affect the tour cost and the difference will be borne by the traveller.

15.    Tour cost is calculated for a group of 30-40 travellers in a group, in the case of a drastic for in the number of travellers, the cost per person will increase and the difference will be decided by the company and the difference shall be borne by the traveller. Or the company may suggest another date for travelling and if the traveller can't travel on suggested new date by the company, the expense for visa & related processing charges will not be refunded. 

16.    Tour cost is calculated in International currency using the exchange rates prevailing at the time of booking with the DMC, any changes in exchange rates will affect the tour cost and the difference will be borne by the traveller.

17.    Full payment must be made as per the payment schedule and in the case of client’s non-compliance with the payment policy, Nashe Tours have all rights to cancel the booking with the client with subsequent loss of deposit and apply and recover all cancellation charges as mentioned herein.

18. The itineraries and departure dates mentioned on the website may sometimes vary with the actual.

19. The actual travelling date may sometimes vary from the date mentioned in the itinerary at the time of booking, due to the change of airline schedule or delay in obtaining visa etc, which factors are beyond our control for these event company will not be liable. In this case, the company holds the wright to charge from the traveller the following expenses - all expenses for visa & related processing charges, the advance made to airline/ train/ cruise for ticket booking charges, advance for hotel booking, charges for visa invitation letter etc. 

20.    Cancellation policy

•    After obtaining visa invitation letter by Nashe tours penalty for cancellation will be 10% of the total tour cost, this is only if cancellation is made at least 35 days prior to the date mentioned.

•    After documents for visa processing, in the case of cancellation, the following charges will be non-refundable- booking advance, expenses made for submission of documents in embassy such as air ticket, booking advance, document processing charges, consulate fee, courier service, invitation letter cost, etc.

•    Cancellation after the full payment, due to any reason, including visa rejection, cancellation charges will be as follows: 32-31 days prior to travelling date- 25% of tour cost, 20-16 days prior to travelling date- 50% of tour cost, 15-8 days prior to travelling date- 75%, 7-5 days prior to travelling date- 90% of tour cost or the total charges incurred by Nashe Tours at the given time of cancellation will be non-refundable. Whichever of the costs is higher shall be accepted as the cancellation charge.

•    In the case of cancellation 5 days prior to travelling date, 100% of the tour cost shall be non-refundable or the expenses incurred by Nashe Tours at the time of cancellation, the higher of the two shall be considered.

•    There will be a non-refundable amount at the time booking. This amount will not be refunded after the confirmation of booking by the company, but it can be adjusted to the same tour with another date of travelling or to any other tour suggested by the company. This will be the sole discretion of the company to adjust the non-refundable amount.    It will take 30-35 days to process refunds if any.

19.    Any complaint by the Traveller in connection with or arising out of the tour must be notified to Nashe Tours within 15 days of completion of the tour, no claim after this date will be entertained.

For more details visit our office at Subhash nagar, Enchakkal,Trivandrum,Kerala.


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